How to post / 掲載の仕方

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How to post / 掲載の仕方

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:24 pm

(English message is after the Japanese message)


(1) フォーラムに参加者として登録する

* 左上の「Register」をclick。
* 「Username」「登録E-mail address」「Password」を入力する。
* 「Save
* 登録したE-mail addressへ送られたe-mailを開け、activateする。

注1) 登録した「Username」「Password」を忘れぬよう
注2) 登録後1週間は掲載の中にリンクを張る事が出来ません。自動登録掲載のスパムを防ぐ為です。ご了承ください


* Toronto Nikkei Forum トロント日系社会掲示板(<--クリック)の投稿用掲示板へ戻る
* [投稿用掲示板]の左上の[NEWTOPIC]をクリック。
(2) フォーラムにGUESTとして掲載する



* Toronto Nikkei Forum トロント日系社会掲示板(<--クリック)の投稿用掲示板へ行く。
* [投稿用掲示板]の左上の[NEWTOPIC]をクリック。
* この場合はURLのlinkは出来ません。

(3) 掲載を三浦に依頼する (フォーラムに登録無用)

* 三浦に登録内容をe-mailで送る。
注) 登録内容は三浦向けではなく、そのまま「copy/paste」で掲載出来る形であることが必要です。三浦はタイプ・編集はしません。

How to post

There are several ways to post your contents:
(1) Register to the forum as a member

* Click [Register] at the upper left.
* Input [Username][E-mail address to register][Password]
* [Save]
* Activate your registration by clicking the e-mail you received in the e-mail address that you registered.

By registering, you can post in the forum any time.

[Note 1] Do not forget [Username] and [Password]
[Note 2] After the registration, the URLs in the posts will not be connected for one week.  It is to prevent robotic automatic registrations for posting spams.  We request your understanding.

To post:

* Return to posting space Toronto Nikkei Forum(<-- Click)
* Click [NEWTOPIC] at top left of the main posting space.
(2) Post to the forum as a GUEST

Due to the increase of the spam posting by guests, the setting of the forum has been changed in such that posting cannot be made by guests as of August 1, 2011.  We appreciate your understanding.

To post:

* Go to posting space Toronto Nikkei Forum(<-- Click)
* Click [NEWTOPIC] at top left of the main posting space.
* In this case, you cannot link to URLs.

(3) Request your posting to Nobby Miura without registering

* Send the contents of your posting to:
[Note] It is important that you send the contents to me in such that I can post it by just [copy/paste].  I do not type nor edit.


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