2009 NJCA Executive Board / 新移住者協会2009年度役員会

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2009 NJCA Executive Board / 新移住者協会2009年度役員会

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(English message is after the Japanese message)



[] 会長:長石芳尚
[] 副会長:中山あつ子、川村敦子
[] 書記:三浦信義
[] 会計:山本勝義
[] 相談役:三枝与一、小野恵子

Dear the members of the JC Community,

We are pleased to inform that the NJCA Executive Board for the Year 2009 was elected as follows in the NJCA Board meeting on April 3.

[] President: Mr Yoshi Nagaishi
[] Vice Presidents: Ms Atsuko Nakayama, Ms Atsuko Kawamura
[] Secretary: Mr Nobby Miura
[] Treasurer: Mr Katsuyoshi Yamamoto
[] Advisors: Mr Yoichi Saegusa, Ms Keiko Ono


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