Japanese Canadian Leadership Program 2012-13

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Japanese Canadian Leadership Program 2012-13

Post  JCCC on Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:26 pm

Hello everyone;

Please review the attached memo regarding the Japanese Canadian Leadership Programme which is an annual invitation program offerred by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan. The criteria is outlined and application details included. The deadline is Sept 7th .

As a previous delegate, I am honoured to to have been able to participate and wanted to let you know how valuable and important the programme is. It will definitely enhance and inspire anyone who is chosen , to connect with our Japanese heritage and culture.

The Consul General's office is accepting recommendations for qualified candidates for 2013 - please be sure to review the memo and submit a candidate that would benefit from this incredible programme.

Thank you;
Sharon Marubashi
Chairperson JCNO



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