新企会Support for Kidsひとりじゃないよーファンドレイジングパーティー

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新企会Support for Kidsひとりじゃないよーファンドレイジングパーティー

Post  Shinkikai on Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:04 am

(English message is after the Japanese version)


“Support for kids – ひとりじゃないよ”



協力:舞レストラン、銀杏レストラン、鮨加地、禅レストラン、レストランみかど、江戸レストラン、タローフィッシュ、小沢カナダ、かどエンタープライズ、E & J Gallo Winery Canada
場所:新企会会長宅 Map 別途ご案内いたします。
参加費:$100/一名 *飲食費、エンターテイメント、寄付 含む
ティケット販売:新企会事務局 或いは 協力レストラン *当日販売は有りません。
問い合わせ:新企会事務局 担当:ラウン りつこ (416)276-0896
Tax Receipt:新企会は連邦登録済みの慈善事業団体です。


担当:原 あんず(416)476-3163 anzu.hara@raku.ca
担当:内藤 洋子(647)680-0239 yoko.naito@scotiabank.com


担当:ラウン りつこ(416)276-0896 info@shinkikai.com




本主旨に賛同いただける協賛/協力企業も募集中です。お問い合わせ、お申し込みは新企会事務局宛にお願いいたします。公式Tax Receipt発行いたします。

Date: May 15, 2013

To: Members of our local community
Lakeside Garden Party - A Night to Enjoy Authentic Japanese Food and Music

From: Shinkikai - Association of Japanese Canadian Businesses &
Professionals - Federally registered charitable organization

Dear friends and neighbors:

Shinkikai is hosting a fund raising party on June 23 (Sun) at 3:30 pm at our President’s house in Toronto to raise funds that will be used to sponsor Canadian Summer Holiday program, scheduled for August 2013, for Japanese youth who have been effected by 3.11.2011 Mega Earth Quake and Tsunami. This is a joint program in collaboration with our non-profit partner in Japan. The event will be supported by the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and Rotary Club Toronto Forest Hill. A similar program started last year with several other countries in partnership with Japan, with the exception of Canada.

Although the memory of the worst tragedy in the history is quickly fading away after two years, we will never forget those victims who are left behind and are still struggling. In particular, Shinkikai is committed in providing continuous support to our youth residing in the devastated areas. We hope this program with tireless voluntary work along with generous financial support by the local businesses and sponsors in Canada will give them heartfelt experience and some fun time in Canada. We hope, this may eases their mental and emotional burdens which they have been going through since March 11, 2011.

Yours very truly,

James Shinichiro Matsumoto
President – Shinkikai

Lakeside Garden Party
- A Night to Enjoy Authentic Japanese Food and Music

*A FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN - Support Our Tsunami Effected Kids

June 23, Sunday at 3:30 pm
Shinkikai’s President House - Address (See purchased ticket)
$100.00 per person
Food & Drinks:
First class Japanese cuisine served by top Japanese
Restaurants - Sushi Kaji Japanese restaurant, Mye
Japanese Restaurant, Ginko Japanese Restaurant, Zen
Japanese restaurant, Mikado Japanese Restaurant, Edo
Japanese Restaurant, Taro’s Fish
*Free drink - two per guest
*A lot of musical performance
Shinkikai office, Ritsuko Lown (416) 276-0896
Tickets also available at the participating Japanese restaurants
Tax receipt available upon request
Supporting organization:
Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
Rotary Club-Toronto Forest Hill
Corporate sponsor:
Edo Japanese Restaurant, E & J Gallo Winery Canada
Ginko Japanese Restaurant, Kado Enterprise Inc., Mye Japanese
Restaurant, Mikado Japanese Restaurant, Ozawa Canada Inc.
(Asahi Beer), Sleeman Breweries (Sapporo Beer), Sushi Kaji
Japanese Restaurant, Taro’s Fish & Zen Japanese Restaurant
Fund Raising Goal:


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