Report on Internet Club Fall Meet / インターネットクラブ秋の例会の報告

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Report on Internet Club Fall Meet / インターネットクラブ秋の例会の報告

Post  IIEC on Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:05 am

(English message is after the Japanese message)

10月20日(日) JCCC 2階 ヒロコ バラル ルーム。1pm-3:30pm。

*2013年春の例会用Half & Half (4月21日):$1.49

[] 情報交換された話題
* MSのWindows XPのsupportは2014年4月で終了。
* GoogleのXP用Chromeのsupportは2015年4月まで。
* MSのWindows 7のsupportはあと2年位か。
* Windows 8.1今月発売。Up-gradeは3.5GBもある為、店に持ち込んで。
* Windows 8.1はSTARTボタンなどWindows 7にあった機能が戻った。
* Browsers: IE、Chromeは良いがFirefoxはどうも最近問題あり。
* Browsers: CookieとExtensionの違い。
* Webpageの文字の下のdouble line: HTML codeにあるのではないか。
* Movie編集にMovie Makerを使っているがtracksをpreviewできない。
* TVからDVD-Rへのcopyの問題。最近はDVD recorderを売っていない。なぜ?
* 現在売っているVCRのqualityは最低のものしかない。
* Bellのinternet WiFiが不安定。原因が分からない。
* JCCCの1階にfree WiFiがある。(2階では弱すぎる)。
* 運転中携帯を持っただけで違反。法律は「holding a device」と規定。
* 無人自動車は数年先まで来ている。政府(法律)や保険の整備が必要。




[*] Report on IIEC Fall Meet

October 20 (Sun), Hiroko Barall Room in the 2nd floor, JCCC. 1pm-3:30pm.
[*] Financial Report

[Balance at the beginning of the 2013 Spring Meeting Apr 21]: $1194.31
* 2013 Spring Meet Admission (Apr 21):$29
* Coffee Set Rental $10 x 2 = $20
------>Total Revenue: $49
* Half & Half for 2013 Spring Meet (Apr 21): $1.49
* 2013 Spring Meet Space Charge (Apr 21): $29
------>Total Expenses: $30.49
[Balance at the beginning of the Fall meet]: $1212.82

[] Subjects discussed:
* Support to Windows XP by MS will end on April, 2014.
* Google will support the Chrome for XP till April, 2015.
* Support to Windows 7 by MS may end in 2 years?
* Windows 8.1 released this month. The up-grade is 3.5GB. So big that you need to bring your computer to the stores to up-grade.
* Windows 8.1 restored some Windows 7 functions such as the START button.
* Browsers: IE and Chrome are OK but Firefox has some problems recently.
* Browsers: The difference between Cookie and Extension.
* Double lines under texts in webpages: HTML code?
* Movie editing using Movie Maker: Tracks cannot be previewed.
* DVD-R copy: No TV to DVD recorders are found in stores. Why?
* The quality of the VCR recorders sold today is minimum.
* Bell internet WiFi is unstable. Why?
* JCCC is providing free WiFi in the 1st floor (It is too weak in the 2nd floor)
* It is illegal to "holding a cell phone" while driving (even if you are not talking)
* Autonomous driving cars are almost here. Traffic laws and insurance need to be adjusted for them.

... etc., etc. It was full of laughter during the two hours and half...

[] IIEC Meetings: Twice a year, normally 3rd Sundays of Apr and Oct.
[] If needed we will meet more often.
[] Seminar topics do not need to be related to internet or computer.

If you have corrections or additions, please forward them to IIECML

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