【HBR】【重要/Important】 Change of HBR Office Manager / Treasurer

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【HBR】【重要/Important】 Change of HBR Office Manager / Treasurer

Post  NobbyM on Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:09 pm

(English message is after the Japanese message)
【HBR Office ManagerおよびHBR会計の変更のお知らせ】

10月30日付で三浦はHBR Office Managerの役を、滝沢はHBR会計の役を終了します。

10月31日より新しい体制でHBRの運営は継続されます。新しいHBR Office Managerは中山あつ子さん、新しい会計はモガール和子さんです。赤岡さん、かわべさんが補佐をします。

中山さん:  atsukocanada420@yahoo.co.jp
モガールさん:  heiwa21@msn.com





* この1年間皆さんがHBRを沢山利用して下さったお陰でHBR使用料金収入が今年度は予算の3倍以上ありました。新しい責任者へ料金の値下げを提案してあります。値下げはこの春に実行する考えでしたが、予期せぬ支出の可能性が発生し中止していたものです。

HBR Office Manager (till October 30, 2013)
HBR Treasurer (till October 30, 2013)

Notice of Change of HBR Office Manager and HBR Treasurer

Nobby Miura, HBR Office Manager and Yuka Takizawa, HBR Treasurer will end their roles on October 30, 2013.

From October 31, 2013, the HBR will be run by a new management team.  The new HBR Office Manager is Mrs Atsuko Nakayama and the new HBR treasurer is Mrs Kazuko Moghul.  Mr Akaoka and Mr Kawabe will assist them.

Mrs Nakayama:  atsukocanada420@yahoo.co.jp
Mrs Moghul:  heiwa21@msn.com

The new HBR information site is:
(In effect as of October 31, 2013)

Please contact the new management team for all the matters regarding the HBR from the date.

We believe the HBR was run well under a well organized system for the three years.
There was a period of trials-and errors at the beginning because it was so new to all of us.  We thank all the people who contributed to the success of the HBR.


Nobby Miura
HBR Office Manager (till October 30, 2013)
Yuka Takizawa
HBR Treasurer (till October 30, 2013)


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