THE 有頂天ホテル; CJS Movie Night Season Finale and Reception

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THE 有頂天ホテル; CJS Movie Night Season Finale and Reception

Post  CJS on Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:18 pm

日加協会による今シーズン最後の映画のご案内です。日本とカナダの架け橋となるイベントとして毎月National Film Board of Canadaでムービーナイトが開催されます。 今シーズン最後の上映は三谷幸喜監督(ラヂオの時間、ザ・マジックアワー)による「THE 有頂天ホテル」、2006年度の大ヒット作品。大晦日の夜、有名ホテルで起こる人間模様を描いたコメディーです。役所広司、松たか子、佐藤浩市、篠原涼子、その他多数が出演、まるで俳優の人名録を見ているようです。最も才能のある監督の一人として評価の高い三谷幸喜監督による当作品は2006年の日本アカデミー賞で11部門にノミネートされました。



THE 有頂天ホテル (2006年度)
場所:National Film Board Theatre
   150 John Street
日時:6:30 pm  7月17日、金曜日
会費:CJS会員 $15, CJS会員外 $20 
座席に限りがありす。参加ご希望の方は jeff@cjst.orgまで予約をお願いいたします。イベントの詳細についても上記のメールアドレスまでご連絡ください。

The Canada Japan Society cordially invites you to the end of our Fifth Season of showing great Japanese movies at the National Film Board of Canada, in the hopes of bringing Canadian and Japanese cultures closer together. For this event we are presenting the highly acclaimed ensemble comedy piece “The Uchouten Hoteru” by director Koki Mitani (Rajio no Jikan, the Magic Hour). This hilarious film tells the story of an off the wall New Years Eve at a famous hotel. It stars a huge cast of “who’s who” in Japan, including Koji Yakusho, Takako Matsu, Koichi Sato, and Ryoko Shinohara, amongst many more. The film was nominated for 11 Japanese academy awards in 2006 and helped solidify Koki Mitani as one of Japan’s most gifted writers and directors.

The Canada Japan Society also invites attendees to the post movie reception at the National Film Board. This wine and cheese party will be a great place to meet and talk with others about the film, practice your English or Japanese, learn more about the Canada Japan Society, and most importantly have fun on a Friday night! The reception is included in the ticket price.

The Uchouten Hoteru (2006)Friday, July 17th6:30 pm start
National Film Board Theatre150 John Street (at Richmond)
CJS Members $15, Non-Members $20

There will be limited seating available for this event, so if you wish to attend please RSVP to to have a reserved seat.

For more information, or to make a reservation, please contact me at
Jeff Harju
Director CJS
Website: http://cjst. org/Blog: http://canadajapans ociety.blogspot. com/
Facebook: .com/group. php?gid=24278895 56[flash][/flash]


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