Great News! - 5th Asian Community Games

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Great News! - 5th Asian Community Games

Post  Ikeda on Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:05 am

Great News!

Japanese Team won the Soccer Competition. in the Asian Community Game held over the weekend. Twelve Teams took part in the event. The final match was against Chinese Team. It was a great game.

You can be proud of the Chinese and Japanese players who fought hard throughout the game with respect to one another and at the end of the game hugged and congratulated one another. They enjoyed the competition and hope to meet again this year!

Reo Watanabe the manager and one of the founder of the Japanese Football Club of Toronto, took over the Chair to organize the Soccer Tournament. He did an incredible job.

If any one has a child or teenager or older wanting to learn Football (Soccer) the Japanese Football Club of Toronto has a School. Please contact Reo Watanabe at 416 602 4013 or his email as per above or

Introduced the Winners at JCCC Arigato Day (Volunteer Appreciation) in Kobayashi Hall!

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