Report on IIEC Spring Meet / IIEC春の例会の報告 Apr 19 (Sun) 1pm-4pm

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Report on IIEC Spring Meet / IIEC春の例会の報告 Apr 19 (Sun) 1pm-4pm

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4月19日(日) JCCC 2階 ヒロコ バラル ルーム。1pm-4pm。

[] トロント新移住者協会(NJCA)の解散-->JCCCへの吸収について

現在例会に使用しているHiroko Barall Room (HBR)の契約は来年秋まで続きます。従ってIIECは予定通りJCCCの2階で下記の通り下記の通りHBRで活動を続行します。
[] 2015年秋の例会:10月18日(日)1pm
[] 2016年春の例会:4月17日(日)1pm
[] 2016年秋の例会:9月18日(日)1pm (HBRの契約が9月末で切れる為)
* 2GB RAMはWindows 7で苦しい。
* Auto defragはsleep modeではやらない-->再起動したら始める。
* Windows 10 この夏発売-->Windows 7/8 usersはfree up-grade。
* WindowsからAppleへ移行するメリットあるか。
* E-mail accountが一杯<--写真などのattachmentのメールを整理する。
* 5年前のcamcoderのdriverが見つからない-->Memoryから直接computerに。
* Dropboxの使い方:高部さんのhandout。
* Free storage space: One drive (MS), Google driveなど。
* 大きなmovieなどのfile transfer-->
* Tablet用の英和辞書、Online/Offline。
* Up-gradeのpop-upが頻繁に。どれが本当でどれがscamか判断が難しい。
* Anti-Virus softは前年度の物を買うと新しいのやrenewより安い。
* いろいろな店のsenior discountの話。
* Cell phone battery:安いno nameは長持ちしない、常に充電要。
* いろいろなincome tax return softwareの話。
* Smart phone / tablet用のいろいろな面白いgameお話。
* 各種App:MS/Appleは審査して掲載、Googleは勝手。
* 一部のTTCの駅のFree Wifi、Downtown PATHの一部にもFree Wifi.
* 危ないFree WiFi。



[*] Report on IIEC Spring Meet

Apr 19 (Sun), Hiroko Barall Room in the 2nd floor, JCCC. 1pm-4pm.

[*] Financial Report

[*] Announcement

[] Disbanding of NJCA --> Becoming a part of JCCC
The NJCA AGM was held on April 17.  In the meeting, the disbanding of the NJCA and the remnant of the NJCA becoming a part of the JCCC were approved.  The details of the move are posted below (In Japanese only):

The contract with the JCCC of the Hiroko Barall Room (HBR) continues to the next year.  Thus, the IIEC will continue holding the regular meeting at the HBR as scheduled below:
[] 2015 Fall Meet: Oct 18 (Sun) 1pm
[] 2016 Spring Meet: Apr 17 (Sun) 1pm
[] 2016 Fall Meet Sep 18 (Sun)  (HBR contract expires at the end of September)
The IIEC will continue its activities after that.  The meeting location etc. will be determined later.

[*] Subjects discussed:
Useful pieces of information were exchanged.

* Windows 7 is having hard time with 2GB RAM.
* Auto defrag will not be activated under a sleep mode --> Activated once it woke.
* Windows 10 will be released this summer-->Windows 7/8 users can get free up-grade。
* Any merit by moving from Windows to Apple?
* E-mail account is saturated --> Sort the attachment especially large size pictures.
* No driver found for 5-year old camcoder --> Insert the memory stick to computer.
* How to use Dropbox: Handout from Mr Takabe.
* Free storage space: Such as One drive (MS), Google drive etc.
* Large size file transfer such as movies-->
* English-Japanese dictionary for tablet - Online/Offline?
* Many pop-ups asking up-grade --> Hard to judge legitimate ones from scams.
* Anti-Virus soft cheaper right before the new ones come out at the end of the year.
* Various talks about senior discounts at stores.
* No name cell phone replacement battery did not last long --> Need recharging all time.
* Various income tax return software.
* Various interesting games for smart phone / tablet.
* Apps: MS/Apple checks them before putting in app store.  Google does not.
* Free Wifi at some TTC stations.  Free WiFi at part of downtown PATH.
* Dangerous free WiFi。
... etc., etc. It was full of laughter for 3 hours.
If you have corrections or additions, please forward them to IIECML

[] IIEC Meetings: Twice a year, normally on 3rd Sundays of Apr and Oct.
[] If needed we will meet more often.
[] Seminar topics do not need to be related to internet or computer.

Nobby Miura 三浦信義
[Aoi Chikyu Books] Details of the publications are below:


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