【Support Our Kids Project】Saturday, June 21st: Lakeside Charity Dinner Party

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【Support Our Kids Project】Saturday, June 21st: Lakeside Charity Dinner Party

Post  Temp on Sun May 31, 2015 10:29 am

Dear friends and supporters,

We will be hosting the Lakeside Charity Garden Party again this year for Support Our Kids, a charity to give children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake an opportunity to come to Canada and enjoy a summer camp in Toronto.  

This year, we have decided to donate $5,000 of the proceeds from this event to the children of Nepal who have been affected by the earthquake in their home country. The Forest Hill Rotary Club has also generously donated $1,500, for a total of $6,500.  This amount will be matched by both HBC Foundation Canada and the Federal Government, making the grand total to be sent to Nepal $19,500.

We hope you will all join us on Sunday June 21 at the Charity Garden Party to shine a little ray of hope for the future to children around the world.

Please refer to the Invitation for details. We look forward to seeing you at our party.

With warmest regards,

Chako Setoyama
James Matsumoto





フォレストヒル・ロータリークラブが1500ドルを寄付してくださり、合計6500ドルの寄付金が集まりました。それにハドソン・ベイ・カンパニー(HBC Foundation)とカナダ政府がマッチングして、トリプル・マッチングとなり、合計1万9500ドルを送ることができます。





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