IIEC Spring Meet / IIEC秋の例会 October 18 (Sun) 1pm-4pm

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IIEC Spring Meet / IIEC秋の例会 October 18 (Sun) 1pm-4pm

Post  IIEC on Sun Oct 04, 2015 4:42 pm

●インターネット・クラブ(IIEC)-秋の例会 10月18日(日)1pm-4pm

【Windows 10 Up-Gradeに関する情報、問題、解決策など歓迎】
◇日系文化会館2階 Hiroko Barall Room
◇参加費:新移住者協会会員(2014年度) $3、非会員$5(場所代)
◇問い合わせ:高部(416) 461-5575:三浦 nobbycosmic@yahoo.co.jp

[*] Internet Club (IIEC) Fall Meeting - October 18 (Sun) 1pm-4pm

[] Information exchanges, Q&A and socializing.
[] Bring tough questions and interesting stories.
[] If you can present a seminar on interesting subjects, let us know beforehand.
* Subjects on Windows 10 up-grade are welcom.
[] Hiroko Barall Room at JCCC.
[] NJCA Member (in the fiscal 2014) $3, non-memeber $5: toward the space charge.
[] Contact: Mr Takabe (416) 461-5575 Mr Miura: nobbycosmic@yahoo.co.jp

Nobby Miura 三浦信義 
[Aoi Chikyu Books] Details of the publications are below:


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