Report on Internet Club Spring Meet / IIEC春の例会の報告 Oct 18 (Sun)

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Report on Internet Club Spring Meet / IIEC春の例会の報告 Oct 18 (Sun)

Post  IIEC on Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:13 pm

(English message follows the Japanese message)


4月17日(日) JCCC 2階 ヒロコ バラル ルーム。1pm-4pm。


* Windows XPをUNIXに乗せて使ってみたい。立ち上がるがそれだけ。
* 無線通信。Internetで写真などを送ってもらっている。
* DVD moviesのコピー。無料ソフトNero。PhilipsやLGのHarddrive付き機械(もう売られていない)。
* DVDは-RWが通常、+RWはもう使われていない。
* 古いcameraからcomputerへの写真のcopy。Driver使わずfilesを直接copy。
* Windows 10 up-grade。3方法あり:直接download、DVDから、USBから。7月末まで無料。
* Windows 10はsecurity patchesは自動。お知らせがなし。
* どんどんup-gradeされてdriverなどがworkしなくなる心配はないか。
* Windows 10にup-grade出来ない。Error。Windows 7は2020年までsupportあり。新しいcomputerを買うまでそのまま使う。
* RogersのInternet/E-mailの問題がなかなか解決しなかった話。
* 日本のWiFi状況。良くなった。横浜・神奈川のHot Spotで外国人は無料で2週間。7-11/Starbucks/Lawson/Business hotels/JR駅など無料WiFiあり。
* コンド用2階建てwasher/dryer。片方が壊れると両方買い替えなくてはならない。
* 古いが丈夫な冷蔵庫を維持して使っている話。
* 冷蔵庫の下から水が出る。Defrosterからの水は通常下のtrayに落ちる。
* 自動運転、電気、ハイブリッド、燃料電池などの自動車の話。
* シニアホームの選択、墓地購買の話。
* 「パナマペーパー」の話題。。


[*] Report on IIEC Spring Meet

April 17 (Sun), Hiroko Barall Room in the 2nd floor, JCCC. 1pm-4pm.
[*] Subjects discussed:

Some old-timers showed up, making the meeting like a reunion.
Useful pieces of information were exchanged.
This time, topics other than computer/internet were lively discussed, such as appliances, cars, senior homes/cemeteries, Panama paper etc.

* Using Windows XP on UNIX. It boots OK but nothing works after that.
* Ham communication. Getting pictures via internet.
* Copying DVD movies. Free software Nero. Recording machine with harddrive by Philips and LG (Not sold any more).
* DVDs are -RW today. +RW is not used any more.
* Copying pictures from old camera to computer. Copy/paste the files to computer without using driver.
* Three ways to up-grade to Windows 10. Direct download, from DVD, and from USB. Free till the end of July.
* Automatic installation of security patches etc to Windows 10, no more notifications.
* Automatic up-grading inside Windows 10. Any concerns of drivers becoming absolute?
* Unable to up-grade to Windows 10 due to error. Support of Windows 7 continues till 2020. Maybe use Windows 7 till the time to buy a new computer.
* Rogers could not resolve Internet/E-mail trouble.
* WiFi situation in Japan. Better. Foreigners are free for two weeks at hot spots in Yokohama/Kanagawa. Free WiFi at 7-11/Starbucks/Lawson/Business hotels/JR stations etc.
[Other topics]
* Top and bottom dryer/washer for apartment. You have to buy both at once even though only one broke.
* Using old sturdy refrigerator by maintaining it.
* Water coming out under the fridge. Water from defrosting often drains to a tray at the bottom.
* Autonomous cars, electric cars, hybrid cars, cars with fuel cells etc.
* Choosing senior/long-term-care homes properly, purchase of cemetery plots.
* Panama paper.
... etc., etc. It was full of laughter for 3 hours.
If you have corrections or additions, please forward them to IIECML

[] IIEC Meetings: Twice a year, normally on 3rd Sundays of Apr and Oct.
[] HOWEVER, the fall meeting this year will be on September 18 (3rd Sunday) due to the space matter.
[] If needed we will meet more often.
[] Seminar topics do not need to be related to internet or computer.

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