Hiroshima Nagasaki Commemoration

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Hiroshima Nagasaki Commemoration

Post  Ikeda on Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:46 am

Members & Friends of J&CNO
Invitation to attend Hiroshima Nagasaki Commemoration
Saturday August 6th, 2016
Nathan Phillip Square
At New location Peace Garden
Please open and read attached Poster & Handout
Please attend and send invitation to your members, organizations. We want everyone to support and make this event a great success.
Our Goal is to "Abolish Nuclear Weapons" and promote "Harmony, Love, Peace"
We are a City for Peace. Mayor John Tory continues to be our Mayor for Peace 
Please do your best to support our event.  
With respect and appreciation
On behalf of Hiroshima Nagasaki Day Coalition
Chairman Vinay Singh

Click below for the posters:


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