Free Forum: Global Economic Crisis / 無料フォーラム:世界経済危機

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Free Forum: Global Economic Crisis / 無料フォーラム:世界経済危機

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[] 11月29日(水)  7:30 – 9:30pm
[] セント・ローレンス・センター: 27 Front St East (Union Stationから東へ2ブロック)
[] 無料
[] 自由席:500席


どんな将来が待ち受けているのか:そのまま成り行きに任せ経済が自分で是正するのを待つ? より強力な経済規制を設定する?  銀行の国有化? 膨大な公共設備投資? または労働力の教育と訓練への投資?

[] TD銀行上級経済学者 Derek Burleton
[] 政治科学教授Grace-Edward Galabuzi
[] 「成長を必要としない経済」Peter Victor
[] その他
[] 司会 CBCラジオ・ドキュメンタリー製作者 Karin Wells

協賛:「貧困の色」運動the Colour of Poverty Campaign

St. Lawrence Centre Forum

The Global Economic Crisis

Wednesday, Nov 26, 2008: 7:30 – 9:30pm
St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts: 27 Front St East (2 blocks east of Union Station)
Free Admission
First come first seated in our comfortable 500-seat hall

The global financial market is in unprecedented turmoil. The U.S., Canada's major trading partner is in very bad shape and not likely to recover any time soon. Ontario's manufacturing sector is in tatters spelling the end to many good paying jobs. For the first time the province is in line to receive equalization payments.

What's the future: leave the market to right itself; institute greater financial regulation; nationalize the banks: undertake massive government infrastructure spending or invest in education and training?

The Forum invites TD's senior economist Derek Burleton, political science professor Grace-Edward Galabuzi, and Peter Victor author of Managing Without Growth, among others, to share their views.

Moderator: Karin Wells: CBC Radio Documentary Producer

Organized by the St. Lawrence Centre Forum
in cooperation with the Colour of Poverty Campaign


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