CJS のハロウィン・ムービー・ナイト - 狗神

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CJS のハロウィン・ムービー・ナイト - 狗神

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今年のハロウィン・ムービー・ナイトで上映するのは、2001年に公開され話題になった原田眞人監督の怪奇作品 「狗神」です。主演は、アラフォー(Around 40)女優の代表として現在日本で大ブレーク中の天海祐希。その他、渡部篤郎、山路和弘、矢島健一、淡路恵子、深浦加奈子などの演技派俳優が脇を固めます。



狗神 (2001年度作品)
150 John Street (at Richmond)
日加協会非会員 10ドル

映画の後はEverest Caf醇Pで恒例の飲み会へ。英語・日本語で楽しい楽しいひと時を過ごしましょう。


Jeff Harju

************ ********* ****

It's October and that means its time for the Canada Japan Society's Halloween Movie Night.

This year we are showing Masato Harada's 2001 controversial supernatural drama "Inugami". The film stars Yuki Amami, one of the most popular "around 40" actresses in Japan these days, along with Atsuro Watabe, Kazuhiro Yamabe, Kenichi Yajima Keiko Awaji and Kanako Fukaura. This drama mixes ancient myth and ceremony with the breathtaking beauty of rural Shikoku in telling the tale of a family's inherited curse and descent into madness. Amami stars as Miki Bounomiya, unjustly mistrusted and hated by the isolated village she lives in due to her bloodline's ancient curse.

While not really scary, it definitely is very strange. Winner of multiple awards in festivals around the world, you won't want to miss some compelling performances, unique direction, and visually stunning cinematography.

Inugami (2001)
Friday, October 16th
National Film Board of Canada
150 John Street (at Richmond)
7 pm start time
Non-CJS Members $10

Since 2004 The Canada Japan Society have been screening Japanese movies at the National Film Board theatre as part of our mandate to enhance understanding and enjoyment of Canada Japan relations. We present a wide range of Japanese films, from the classics to the latest in comedy, drama, action, and horror. All movies are in Japanese with English subtitles, and the feature film is always preceeded by a Canadian short film from the National Film Board. Our film nights also always include a post party event at Everest Caf醇P, which enables attendees to talk about the film, practice their English/Japanese, meet new people, and have some fun.

The Canada Japan Society was established in 1981 and is an independent, volunteer driven non-profit organziation dedicated to enhancing relations and understanding between Canada and Japan.


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