Kabuki Lectures at the Japan Foundation

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Kabuki Lectures at the Japan Foundation

Post  JF on Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:28 pm

In conjunction with CINEMA KABUKI Toronto November 2009

Talk with Slide & DVD Presentation
Moderator: Toshi Aoyagi, Program Officer, The Japan Foundation, Toronto
Guest: Nancy Jacobi, The Japanese Paper Place

Date: Thursday, November 5
Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Location: The Japan Foundation, Toronto, 131 Bloor St. West, 2nd floor
Admission: Free
RSVP Required: RSVP through our website or call (416) 966-1600 x103

Part I
A Family Repertoire Passed Down Over Generations:
The Traditions of Triple Lion Dance

Unlike in Western theatre, certain Kabuki roles and repertoires are taught by father actors to their sons. The theme of the Lion Dance is the affection in father-son relationships. When the parts are performed by a real father and son, the drama and reality start to reflect and resonate with each other. The Nakamuraya acting family has been parenting and nourishing this emotional dance piece through the devotion of actors spread over three generations.

Part II
Passion in the Weeping Cherry Blossom:
Kimono Patterns in Dojoji, A Lover's Duet

Dojoji, one of the most prominent Kabuki dances, is performed in the setting of a mountain covered by cherry blossoms. The central female character dresses in a weeping cherry blossom pattern in several variations. Such a varied but focused design concept evolves with gorgeous, radiant effects through the pageant of the female beauty of different characters ranging from a farm girl to a courtesan. Stage Kimono patterns will be compared to Chiyogami, traditional decorative paper, exploring Japanese aesthetics around the mystery of flowers.


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