* Toronto JC Community News * / ●トロント日系コミュニティーニュース●

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* Toronto JC Community News * / ●トロント日系コミュニティーニュース●

Post  NJCA on Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:32 pm

(English message is after the Japanese message)

◇第2/第4土曜日 1pm-4pm:1月9日/23日、2月13日/27日、3月13日/27日。
◇日系文化会館・2階 ハマサキ・ルーム
◇問い合わせ:加藤夫人 416-285-0353

◇TorontoのベストDJ、Ralph and Theresa Yuan によるダンス。
◇Door prize, dance、真夜中シャンペーン、などいろいろ。
●トロント仏教会 除夜の鐘:12月31日(木)11:30pm-

◇Ontario Placeではなくトロント仏教会にて除夜の鐘を行ないます。
* Ontario Placeに野生コヨーテが出没、安全上の理由からOntario Placeは中止。
* 1011 Sheppard Ave West (Downsview駅より東に徒歩2分)
●トロント仏教会 元旦会(初詣):1月1日(金)11:00am-

 1011 Sheppard Ave West (Downsview駅より東に徒歩2分)

◇日系会館小林ホール:開会 4pm、ディナー 5pm
◇Door Prize、Entertainment、50/50ラッフル
●CJS一木会: 1月7日(木)6pm-10pm

◇Manpuku, 105 McCall Street, Unit 29-32
(Villege by the Grange 内、フードコート)

◇ALIO(108 Dundas St W)Dundas駅 からすぐ。最寄の交差点 Dundas/Bay

◇日系文化会館: 6 Garamond Court @Wynford Dr (416)441-2345
★Family Talks Forum:日本語学校説明会:11am-12pm
◇新移住者協会・日系会館会員 $5、家族 $12、シニア・子供 $4。非会員 $7、家族 $16、シニア・子供 $4
* 家族=大人2人に12歳以下の子ども3人まで、子供=12歳以下6歳まで。幼児無料。
◇詳細は長石:416-644-1240 または三浦:nobbycosmic@yahoo.co.jp
●日系文化会館小林ホール映画の夜 - 1月28日(木)7pm-

◇入場料:会館会員 $6、非会員 $8。会館受付けで販売。
◇詳細はJCCC 416-441-2345

[] 会員申込書は下記:
[] ホームページは下記:


* Toronto JC Community News *
By New Japanese Canadian Association (NJCA)
[] Location and Direction for Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC)
[] For additional information, see Toronto Nikkei Forum (TNF):
[] JC Community Information Centre
[*] NJCA "Kaede Bunko" Library - Opening Days

[] 2nd/4th Saturdays 1pm-4pm:Jan 9/23, Feb 13/27, Mar 13/27.
[] JCCC 2nd Floor Hamasaki Room.
[] Renting of New Book (500) and video tapes (150).
[] Enquiry: Mrs Kato 416-285-0353
[*] JCCC New Year's Eve Dinner and Dance: Dec 31 (Thu) 6pm-1:30am

[] JCCC-Kobayashi Hall: 6pm Cocktails, 7pm Full course dinner.
[] Toronto's best DJ, Ralph and Theresa Yuan
[] Door prizes, favours, fun, midnight champagne and snacks etc.
[] $125 person (Purchase by Decmber 18). Tables of 8 or 10 people.
[] Contact and purchase: JCCC:416-441-2345
[*] Toronto Buddhist Church Year End Bell Ringing:Dec 31 (Thu) 11:30pm-
***** Important Notice of Location Change *****

[] The Bell Ringing Ceremony will be held at Toronto Buddhist Church.
* Coyotes have been spotted in Ontario Place. Thus, for safety reasons, the location has been moved to Toronto Buddhist Church.
[] Mochi will be given away until the quantity lasts.
[] Enquiry: Toronto Buddhist Church:416-534-4302/tbc@tbc.on.ca
* 1011 Sheppard Ave West (Short walk to east from Downsview station)
[*] Toronto Buddhist Church: New Year's Service: Jan 1 (Fri): 11am-

[] At the Toronto Buddhist Church
1011 Sheppard Ave West (Short walk to east from Downsview station)
[] Enquiry: Toronto Buddhist Church:416-534-4302/tbc@tbc.on.ca
[*] JCCC Shin-Nen-Kai Dinner: Jan 1 (Fri) 4:00pm-

[] Kobayashi Hall at the JCCC:Door opens at 4pm, Dinner 5pm
[] Great banquet Osechi Ryori, suhsi and western style.
[] Door prizes, entertainment and 50/50 raffle.
[] $60 adults, $30 children(6-12). Request free tickets for under 6.
[] Contact and purchase (Purchase by Dec 18): JCCC:416-441-2345
[*] CJS Ichimoku-kai: Jan 7 (Thu) 6pm-10pm

[] Manpuku, 105 McCaul Street Unit29-31
(in the Village by the Grange building, south of the Food Court)
[] CJS member Free, $5 non-member, discount for a group of 3 or more...
[] Contact:jeff@cjst.org
[*] JAVA Pub Nite - Jan 14 (Thu) 8pm-

[] Chance to practice Japanese, exchange information and meet friends
[] ALIO (108 Dundas St W) @Dundas/Bay:2 min walk from Dundas station.
[] Free Admission.
[] Enquiry: javaseminar@hotmail.com
[] Call for volunteers for the JAVA activities. See details below:
[*] 2010 Nikkei Community New Year Festival: Jan 24 (Sun), 11am~5pm

[] Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre: Co-sponsored by the JCCC.
6 Garamond Court at Wynford Dr (416) 441-2345
[] Japanese traditions such as Mochitsuki,O-Toso New Year's sake, Shishimai lion dance, Kakizome calligraphy and a variety of delicious Japanese foods and a series of traditional Japanese entertainment for everyone to enjoy.
[] O-Toshi-Dama for first 100 children
[] Every year many people come in kimono.
[*] Family Talks Forum: Japanese Language School Orientation 11am-12pm.
[] Admission: NJCA and JCCC members $5, Families $12, Senior/Child $4. Non-members $7, Families $16, Senior/Child $4.
* Family = 2 adults and up to 3 children, Child = 6-12 years old. Toddler under 6 free.
[] For more information, contact Yoshi Nagaishi 416-644-1240 or Nobby Miura nobbycosmic@yahoo.co.jp
[] See pictures of Nikkei Community New Year Festival last year.
[] Calling for volunteers. Contact:Nobby Miura nobbycosmic@yahoo.co.jp
[*] Movie Night at JCCC - January 28 (Thu) 7pm-

[] "Vacation"(2007)by Hajime Kadoi. Kaoru Kobayashi, Nene Ohtuska.
[] Struggle in mind of a prison officer who took "crutch role" in an execution in order to take a week long vacation.
[] JCCC Members $6, Non-members $8. Tickets at JCCC Reception.
[] Enquiry: JCCC 416-441-2345
* Support your NJCA by becoming an NJCA member

[] The membership application form is below:
[] The homepage is below:

* If you like to stop receiving this news, let me know.

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