An exhibition of New and Revised Works by Daisuke Takeya & Tad Hozumi

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An exhibition of New and Revised Works by Daisuke Takeya & Tad Hozumi

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An exhibition of New and Revised Works by Daisuke Takeya & Tad Hozumi

Feb12th - Mar13th@ XPACE Cultural Centre (58 Ossington Ave)
Opening: Feb 12th 7:00PM

In Japanese popular narratives, such as anime, manga and dorama (season-length soap operas), telling someone you love them is called a ‘kokuhaku’ or a confession in English. The moment of a confession is considered an apex of emotion that is powerful and transformative. For this two-person show, Daisuke Takeya and Tad Hozumi present new and revised multimedia works, inspired by ‘kokuhaku,’ that revolve around the subject of love and communication.

Everybody Loves You 2 + 2 New Sculptural Works?by Daisuke Takeya

Daisuke Takeya?Everybody Loves You 2?(2007-2010)?

Everybody Loves You 2?is a participatory installation that prompts the audience to say “I love you” into a video camera in their own individually creative way, while sitting inside a heart-shaped booth (as seen in print-club photo booths in Tokyo). As the video repeats the words “I love you” many times, the feelings and meanings carried on them start to fade. The audience captured in the video, removed from their personal context become like symbols, or minimal art images. The experience of the participants is similar in that their confessions of love are pointed at a subject that is absent, suggesting the inherent issues of mediated communication through technology.?

In addition to?Every Body Loves You 2, Takeya will be presenting two new related works. One, a piece of neon signage proclaiming the words: “All you need is love Maybe”, and the other, a flower shaped sculpture assembled out of cut-out mirrors.

About Daisuke Takeya?(Website)
Daisuke Takeya is a Toronto-based contemporary artist whose practice is comprised of the exploration of nature and plausibility in contemporary society and hinges on all kinds of double meanings. The primary characteristic of Takeya's work is that he sees production as a process of putting himself in a particular place and then understanding it.?

Dorama Objects?by Tad Hozumi

Tad Hozumi?Sora No Uta: A Song of the Sky (2007-2010)?

Hozumi’s contribution is a set of installations that are based on the?dorama?(basically Japanese soap operas), “Crying Out Love in the Centre of the World”. This is the story of a dying heroine and genuine but incommunicable hero. For this exhibit, Hozumi will be showing two works that are reproductions of objects that appear in this drama, a vintage walkman, and a self-made picture book, both of which act as mediums for the ailing girl’s message of love to the tormented boy.

Through these creations, Hozumi meditates on the effect of time on our feelings, how it heals the broken heart, but also consequently begins to slowly decay the very emotions and objects that are dear to us.

In addition to this pair of works, Hozumi will also be exhibiting a recreation of a personal love letter that he wrote 15 years ago to a girl with whom he had lost contact until very recently.

About Tad Hozumi?(Website)
Hozumi is a Toronto based artist fond of activities such as watching television and dancing. His recent practice involves the recreation of love notes and other tokens of affection from Japanese soap operas. Hozumi also sits on the Gendai Gallery Board of Directors.


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