The Canada Japan Society Movie Night is 「バウンスKo GALS」

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The Canada Japan Society Movie Night is 「バウンスKo GALS」

Post  CJS on Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:43 pm

日加協会が主催するナショナル・フィルム・ボードでの月例ムービー・ナイトのお知らせです。今回みなさんにご覧頂くのは、原田眞人監督の話題作、数々の映画賞を受賞した「バウンスKo GALS」です。






映画: 「バウンスKo GALS」 1997年作品
日時: 3月19日(金) 7時スタート
場所: ナショナル・フィルム・ボード・シアター
150 John Street (at Richmond) Osgoode駅より徒歩5分)
チケット: 日加協会会員 $5 日加協会非会員 $10

Jeff Harju
Canada Japan Society .com/event. php?eid=38444799 4362

************ ********* **

The Canada Japan Society, as part of our Movie Nights at the National Film Board, invites you to a screening of Masato Harada’s controversial and award winning film “Bounce Ko Gals”.

Set in the fading bubble economy, and set against the backdrop of the “paid dating” (enjo kosai) scene, the film follows the trials and tribulations of three girls over the span of one day and night in the ultra trendy Shibuya district of Tokyo. The film combines seediness and sentimentality in a coming of age drama, with some truly memorable characters.

Masato Harada is one of the more thoughtful directors in the Japanese movie industry. He lived and worked for long periods in the west, and his films always encompass his unique views and commentary on Japanese society at the time. The film won numerous awards on the festival circuits in Japan, mostly for screenwriting and the acting of the three young women. The films stars Japanese stalwart Koji Yakusho, along with newcomers Hitomi Sato, Yasue Sato, and Yukiko Okamoto.

As usual, the screening will be followed by a post-party at Everest Caf醇P…a great place to casually meet new people from the CJS and talk a bit about the movie and the issues it’s sure to raise.

We hope to see you there.


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