Ukiyo-e Talk by Curator Carol Dorman: Feb. 16 at JFT

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Ukiyo-e Talk by Curator Carol Dorman: Feb. 16 at JFT

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Ukiyo-e talk by Carol Dorman of Stuart Jackson Gallery

Paper Wishes:

Symbolic Hopes and Desires in Japanese Woodblock Prints

Wednesday, February 16, 6:30 PM

The Japan Foundation , Toronto

Today Japanese woodblock print art, known as ukiyo-e, is much admired for the quality of its delightful graphic images, and for the technical excellence achieved by the printers of the 18th and 19th centuries. The best known subjects are the inhabitants of the floating world—flamboyant Kabuki actors, beautiful courtesans and elegant geisha—joined in the 19th century by the wonderful landscapes of Hokusai and Hiroshige.

But there exist, in addition to these iconic images of Japanese art, a number of prints devoted to less well-known subjects. Many of these prints were surimono (privately commissioned prints), which would have had symbolic significance for those who originally bought them or received them as gifts.

The Live Long & Prosper exhibition features many prints that would have conferred wishes for longevity on their owners. This talk will expand on some of the themes from the exhibit, including Jo & Uba, The Seven Gods of Good Fortune, and, of course, turtles and cranes. It will also introduce other images that would have had symbolic meaning for Edo period print collectors, such as Shoki the destroyer of Demons, the zodiac and other birds and animals linked to special meanings.

Guest lecturer Carol Dorman, M.A., is a specialist in ukiyo-e with The Stuart Jackson Gallery. Ms Dorman has had a long and prosperous relationship with The Stuart Jackson Gallery. She has curated or helped to curate a number of exhibitions on Japanese prints, both with the gallery and independently. She has appeared on television and lectured throughout Canada .

Date: Wednesday, February 16

Time: 6:30 – 7:30 PM (doors open at 6:00. Gallery will be open for viewing after the lecture until 8:00.)

Admission: Free

Reservations required: or (416) 966-1600 x104


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