Picture Pages of NJCA New Years / 新移住者協会のお正月会の写真ページ

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Picture Pages of NJCA New Years / 新移住者協会のお正月会の写真ページ

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(English message is after the Japanese message)

[] 新移住者協会のお正月会の写真ページ



* 4ページあります。
* 写真を沢山uploadします。ゆっくり見て下さい。

Dear friends in the JC Community
[] Picture Pages of NJCA New Years Festival

The New Japanese Canadian Association (NJCA), its affiliate origanisations and the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) hosted its annual New Years Festival on January 25 (Sun) at the JCCC. It was held as a Japan Canada Relation 80th anniversary event.

This year, again, a large crowd enjoyed the festival. Please enjoy the pictures of the festival and its preparation below:

* There are 4 pages of pictures.
* Please enjoy slowly as it uploads a large number of pictures.

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