TNF POSTING RULES / トロント日系社会掲示板掲載条件

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TNF POSTING RULES / トロント日系社会掲示板掲載条件

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Toronto Nikkei Forum (TNF)
A bulletin board for Japanese Canadians and their friends in Toronto and Ontario to exchange information on anything about the community, events, jobs, volunteers and others.  

This is a forum associated with the New Japanese Canadian Association (NJCA) and maintained by the Toronto Internet Information Exchange Club (IIEC).


[ TNF POSTING RULES /  トロント日系社会掲示板掲載条件]

[] The contents of your posts should be beneficial to the JC Community.  We reserve the right to delete posts which do not conform to this, including posts of mass-mailing nature, business advertisement, political / religious arguments and posts against netiquette.

[] Waiver: The TNF/NJCA/IIEC are not responsible in any way in the contents of the posts.

[] 掲載条件:内容は日系社会に有益であるものに限ります。この定義に反する掲載、迷惑メール的掲載、ビジネス広告、政治や宗教に関する議論、その他netiquetteに反する掲載などは管理者の判断で削除します。

[] 免責事項:Toronto Netters Forum、トロント新移住者協会、トロント・インターネット交換会は掲載内容に関する責任は一切持ちません。

[] You can post / respond in either English or Japanese or both.

[] If Japanese message is in moji-bake: [View]-->[Encoding]-->[Japanese(Auto-Select]
[] Questions and enquiries on this forum or the NJCA or the IIEC, contact:

[] 掲載は日本語でも英語でも自由です。

[]Toronto Netters Forum、トロント新移住者協会、トロント・インターネット交換会に関する質問・問い合わせは:


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