[J/E] JCSA (U of T) Workshop Facilitators Needed

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[J/E] JCSA (U of T) Workshop Facilitators Needed

Post  Temp on Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:51 pm

JCSA Workshop Volunteer Opportunity - English below Japanese




もし、JCSAのワークショップにおいてメンバーが新しい事を学ぶお手伝いにご興味のある方は、企画者のMark Payne(mark.payne.a@gmail.com)までご連絡下さい。英語でも日本語でもOKです。


Would you like to gain teaching/presentation experience while helping people learn about a topic you're interested in?

The JCSA does workshops on all sorts of topics every Saturday before Language Exchange, and we looking for people who want to design/facilitate a Saturday workshop.

Workshops should be fun and educational, and can be done in English or Japanese. We will help you prepare your seminar and provide a modest budget. Japanese and Canadians alike would love to know more about your favourite topic, for example the rules of ice hockey, to how to find/cook/eat good Indian food, or how city council works. Anything goes!

Please contact scheduler Mark Payne (mark.payne.a@gmail.com) in Japanese or English if you are interested in helping people learn something new at a JCSA Workshop.


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