JCCC 10月のイベント

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JCCC 10月のイベント

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日時: 10月18日・25日, 11月8日・15日,12月6日・13日
コース料金:$78(6クラス)+ HST(JCCC会員)


日時: 2011年10月28日(金) 午後7時から午後9時まで
場所: JCCC 入場無料。要、申し込み。お申し込みJCCC受付、441-2345までどうぞ。
企画: 「語りの会」
*日系カナダ人詩集(日本語訳) ジョイ・コガワ、ロイ・キヨ
オカ、テリー・ワタダ他:読み手 秦ペレクリタさちこ
*ドウス昌代著「イサム・ノグチ-宿命の越境者」:読み手 サンダース宮松敬子 
新田次郎著「アラスカ物語」:読み手 前川威男 明治時代の初め、日本を離れアラスカにたどり着いた男がいた。飢餓に苦しむエスキモーのために新天地を築き、「ジャパニーズ・モーゼ」と呼ばれた一世フランク安田の夢と挑戦の生涯。
司会と解説 歌とギター 田中裕介

Mizuhiki Workshop

Mizuhiki is Japanese traditional twine art, which has a history that can be traced back 1400 years to the Asuka period in Japan, when envoys from China brought gifts wrapped with red and white twine. It was introduced by the imperial court and developed in a unique way as part of Japan's culture of gift-giving and gift-wrapping.

While Mizuhiki has traditionally been used to enclose Japanese traditional envelopes (Noshi), it is now used not only for celebrations, weddings, and condolences, but also for greeting cards, jewelry, and home décor items.

At the workshop, two kinds of Mizuhiki flower will be made.
Date: Sunday October 30, 2011
Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Fee: $28 General, $25 JCCC members plus tax.
$12 material fee payable to the instructor.

About Miyabi Tsumuraya
Miyabi (Satomi) Tsumuraya started learning the art of Mizuhiki in 2007, and attained the level “Miyabi,” master of Mizuhiki, in December 2010. She creates both traditional Mizuhiki art, using tortoise and crane designs, and contemporary hair accessories, corsages and wedding decorations, such as Kizuna Musubi, a knot tied at a wedding as a prayer to start a life together. Her aim is to communicate with people around the world by exploring modern forms of Mizuhiki while also preserving the beauty of its history.

Website: http://nico2power.web.fc2.com/index.html Her work is also currenlty on display at the Japan Foundation: http://jftor.org/library/20110915Miyabi.php


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