JAVA パブナイト開催のお知らせ - JAVA Pub Night

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JAVA パブナイト開催のお知らせ - JAVA Pub Night

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Hi guys,

Come check out JAVA Pub Night. English details below Japanese!



日時: 10月15日(金)8時-
Friday October 15 at 8:00pm -

場所:Alio (108 Dundas Street West Toronto, Ontario)

費用:無料(飲んだ分だけ) ※今後の活動資金(今後の活動の為に、できれば1ドル程度の募金をお願いしています。)


お問い合わせは まで。

JAVA is a Volunteer-based NPO that supports Japanese-speakers who are staying in Toronto.

JAVA pub night has 2 purposes. First, spread the word about our upcoming JAVA events. Second, to give people a chance to socialize, meet new friends, meet people with the same interests, and practice English and Japanese. All this is waiting for you at JAVA Pub Night!

If you have any questions, please let us know at

JAVA Pub Night is always a free event, However we will be accepting "pay what you can" donations at the door to help us fund our other events (suggested donation: $1). If at all possible, please help to support our volunteer organization with a donation. All funds will be used to fund our upcoming Seminars, Girls Nights, and Nihongo Dake Dinners.

Hope to see you all there Smile

Other Event's page:


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