Cinema Kabuki Trailers Now Online

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Cinema Kabuki Trailers Now Online

Post  JF on Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:29 pm

Trailers are now available at the Cineplex website.

1) Type in film title (Nezumi, Dojoji, or Plasterer) into [Video Selection].
2) Click the arrow by the [Video Selection].
3) Click [PLAY] under the displayed picture.

March 26 and 28, 2009
Scotiabank Theatre Toronto
Tickets: $23.00Book your tickets NOW!

Tickets are going fast for three exclusive screenings of Cinema Kabuki at the Scotiabank Theatre Toronto. This Canadian premiere offers the rare opportunity to experience performances by some of Japan's biggest Kabuki stars in high definition on the big screen.

Avant-garde in the 1600s, this traditional form of Japanese theatre remains at the cutting edge with live productions featuring some of the best Kabuki actors. Cinema Kabuki series are recorded by multiple HD cameras for theatrical screening with high-quality digital projectors and 6-channel sound.

Seating is limited, so act now and purchase your tickets at or at the Scotiabank Theatre Toronto, 259 Richmond St. W. (Step-by-step instructions for purchasing online tickets below.)

Thursday, March 26, 7:00 PM

Nezumi, The Japanese Robin Hood (a satirical comedy)
Written and directed for the stage by Hideki Noda
Recorded live at Kabuki-za Theatre, Tokyo, 2003
110 minutes
Subtitled in English

Nezumi, a sort of 18th century Robin Hood, is a Japanese urban legend. A cynical, duplicitous coffin maker's passion for money drives him to take on Nezumi's mantle. In this kaleidoscope of disguise and deception, society's pretenses are destroyed in a melting pot of farce, social satire and courtroom drama. The mighty are brought low to everyone's delight. Contemporary theatre genius Hideki Noda collaborates with Kabuki theatre at the invitation of celebrated actor Kanzaburo.

Saturday, March 28, 1:00 PM

Dojoji - A Lover's Duet (a dance performance)
Directed for Cinema Kabuki by Naoya Hasumi
Recorded live at Kabuki-za Theatre, Tokyo, 2006
71 minutes
Subtitled in English

Tamasaburo, one of Japan's most renowned dancers, and rising star Kikunosuke create elegant mirror images to underscore the beauty and eroticism of one soul divided by the sacred and the profane in Dojoji - A Lover's Duet. Abandoning the sacred path has transformed a beautiful young woman into a serpent. Dancing at a dedication ceremony for a temple bell, the woman/serpent rediscovers her higher self. Following Kabuki tradition, both of the dancers are men.

Saturday, March 28, 3:30 PM

The Sentimental Plasterer (a domestic comedy)
Based on a Rakugo story told by Sanyutei Encho
Revised and directed for the stage and Cinema Kabuki by Yoji Yamada
Recorded live at Shimbashi Embujo Theatre, Tokyo, 2007
87 minutes
Subtitled in English

Chobei, a skillful plasterer, blithely gambles his family into poverty. To feed the family, his daughter Ohisa turns to prostitution. Touched by Ohisa's selfless love for her parents, a Madam arranges a loan for Chobei. On the way home, Chobei saves a young man who, having lost a large sum, is about to commit suicide. But who will believe this story? Surely Chobei has gambled away the family's last chance. Starring Kanzaburo and Senjaku as Chobei and his wife.


*You do not have to be a SCENE card member to buy tickets.

1) Have your credit card ready
2) Go to the [Theatres] page
3) Choose [Scotiabank Theatre Toronto]
4) From [Movie Show Time Search], choose the screening date
5) Choose the program you want to see
6) Choose the show time
7) Follow the ticket sales prompts to complete the sale
Cool Print out your tickets

For more information contact The Japan Foundation, Toronto at:
416-966-1600 x229

In celebration of 80 years of diplomatic relations between Canada and Japan


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