Call for Volunteers - Road to Asia ~アジアへのいざない​~

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Call for Volunteers - Road to Asia ~アジアへのいざない​~

Post  JCCC on Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:16 am

Dear JCCC Volunteers, (日本語は英語の後に続きます。)

Hope things are going well for you.

The annual festival, “Road to Asia” is coming up on Sat & Sun November 5 and 6 at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Doors will open from 11am to 5pm on both days.

The followings are volunteer opportunities at the festival:
Date: Saturday, November 5th and (or) Sunday, November 6th
Volunteer Hours: 10am-6pm (Kitchen Help: 9:30 am-)
Areas :
* Kids Corner (helping out with kids activities)
* Kitchen Assistance (helping in the kitchen - cutting vegetables, bringing out food to the food court )
* Food Booth (selling food and cleaning food court area)
* Gift Shop (selling JCCC gift shop items)
* Parking (parking traffic control)
* Admission (selling admission tickets and counting number of attendance)

Please also see attached Excel document (Click here) and fill in your available day(s) and hours under the area you are interested in. If you do not specify, I will assign you as needed.
Hope we can work together and to make this a successful event!

***** DO NOT REPLY to this e-mail *****

Please contact Yuki Hipsh at or 416.441.2345 ext235. You will receive details after Oct 31.



* キッズコーナー(子供たちのためのアクティビティの手伝い)
* キッチンヘルプ(簡単な調理の手伝い、皿洗い、食べ物をフードコートに運ぶなど)
* フードブース(フードの販売、飲食エリアの掃除)
* ギフトショップ(JCCCギフトショップ商品の販売)
* パーキング(駐車場での車の誘導)
* 受付(入場者のカウントと入場チケットの販売)

添付されているエクセルシート (Click here)はシフト表になります。ご自分の興味あるエリアの空欄に都合の良いお時間をご記入の上、ご返信下さい。尚、特にご指定のない場合は都合の良い曜日と時間帯だけお知らせ下さい。エリアはこちらで決定させて頂きます。


担当者のヒプシュ由希宛に 又は416.441.2345 ext235までご連絡下さい。10月31日以降に詳細のご連絡を致します。


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