Toronto Buddhist Temple Events トロント本願寺行事案内

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Toronto Buddhist Temple Events トロント本願寺行事案内

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Toronto Buddhist Temple Events

On Thursday, December 29th from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, we will be making mochi at the temple. Peaple are invited to take part for as little or as long as they can in a fun day full of friendship and conversation, as we make the mochi we will be distributing at the New Year’s Eve Bell Ringing and Open House on New Year’s Day. Please come out, if only for the experience, where else will you be able to take part in a group that will be processing 700 pounds of mochi rice in a single day?

On Saturday, December 31st we will have a New Year’s Eve Day Service at 2:00 pm. Later that day, beginning at 11:00 pm, the temple will be hosting a Bell Ringing Ceremony at Ontario Place . We gather together and ring the Japanese temple bell 108 times to signify the purging of the 108 passions that keep us from fully manifesting our Buddha natures. Please join our regular temple members for this fun traditional event.

On Sunday, January 1st , we will be holding our formal New Year’s Day Service at 11:00 am. It will be a joint service in English and Japanese. In addition to that from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm we will be hosting a Hatsumode or Open House. As part of that, we will be chanting each hour on the hour and greeting any visitors who may drop in. Anybody who would like to visit the temple for the first time in the New Year is encouraged to come in for a relaxing visit.

12月29日(木) 午前9時 おもちつき  700ポンドのもち米を使って餅つきを行ないます。ボランティアいただいた皆さんには、もれなくつきたてのお餅を無料にて差し上げますのでお気軽にご参加下さい。

12月31日(土) 午後2時 除夜会   無事に一年を送る事が出来た事への感謝を仏さまに申し上げるお参りです。午後11時 除夜の鐘@オンタリオプレイス テンプルベルにて                       

1月1日(日) 午前10~午後4時 元旦会(初詣)  ご家族ご友人と一緒に新しい年をお寺で迎えましょう。1時間ごとに読経とご法話がございます


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