U of T Free Sunday Science Lecture / トロント大学日曜無料科学講座

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U of T Free Sunday Science Lecture / トロント大学日曜無料科学講座

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トロント大学日曜無料科学講座 - 11月16日 3pm-4pm

Ray Lapierre, Ph.D.  マクマスター大学物理工学部



トロント大学医学部J.J.R. McLeod Auditorium
1 King's College Circle (TTC Queens Park駅)


U of T Free Sunday Science Lecture – November 16 (Sun) 3pm-4pm

How Semiconductor Grass Will Solve the Energy Crisis

Laurence Packer, Ph.D., Department of Biology, York University

Ray Lapierre, Ph.D., Department of Engineering Physics, McMaster University

Solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity are still too expensive and inefficient to compete with fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Now, however, nanotechnology is being used to produce low cost and highly efficient solar cells. Solar cells are being fabricated using tiny “artificial grass” thousands of times smaller than a human hair. Conventional solar cells and their limitations, and international efforts to improve solar cells with nanotechnology, will be discussed.

University of Toronto Medical Science Building J.J.R. McLeod Auditorium
1 King's College Circle (TTC Queens Park Station)

Note: There is the annual Santa Claus parade on the day. The traffic is expected to be congested till 2:30pm or so. I suggest to come by TTC.
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