Momiji Community Congregate Dining Jan_12

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Momiji Community Congregate Dining Jan_12

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Momiji Health Care Society - Community Congregate Dining program in 2011

The total number of individual clients for Momiji Community Congregate Dining (CCD) Programs in 2011 was 73. We have already met or exceeded all the goals we set for the Community Congregate Dining program in 2011-2012, which were that meals are held on a regular schedule, 4 to 5 times per month, at 5 or more different locations in the GTA, and that at least 50 individual seniors join CCD meals since February, 2011.

Locations: Mississauga Community Church, Toronto Buddhist Temple, The Japan Foundation, J-Town, Greenview Lodge

We have established excellent teamwork under the supervision of Lee Mixon, Community Service Manager:

Community Programs Coordinator - Kiyoshi Dembo
Client Intervention Worker - Keiko Hoshi
Momiji’s Registered Nurse - Yuka Okada
Volunteer Coordinator - Jovel Patricio
Momiji’s drivers - Ken Terasawa (Momiji van) & volunteer drivers

We regularly receive inquiries and/or complaints from clients who have been on the waiting list for Momiji Seniors Residence for a long time. When this happens, Keiko, Yuka, and Kiyoshi try to explain Momiji’s admission criteria thoroughly and listen to the clients carefully in an empathetic manner. Keiko has provided information on various support programs available for seniors, and is going to implement a tour to a retirement home with a reasonable fee structure for the Mississauga clients in February.

The clients greatly appreciate Yuka Okada’s Health Promotion Workshops, especially the nisei seniors who have been getting older and frailer, and Japanese-speaking new immigrants. They appreciate the regular health checks such as free blood pressure measurement, and blood sugar checks and cholesterol checks, for which clients pay $4.00 per measurement. All the clients have participated in the workshop very well, asking lots of questions, and enjoyed discussion with the presenter. Some of our clients started exchanging information on health promotion that they were able to obtain, and share information in the meetings.

Almost all of the regular clients now look forward to attending the following meeting to see their new friends and Momiji staff, and they help each other if we go shopping after the luncheon. So far J-Town and the Japan Foundation have been the most popular sites, because our clients can enjoy extra features like a 10% shopping discount at J-Town or access to the Japan Foundation’s library and/or exhibitions, in addition to Momiji’s regular CCD services (a Japanese bento lunch, educational workshops and/or games).

We have been able to welcome clients who are living alone and isolated. For these clients, this program is vital to build and maintain a strong bond with our Japanese Canadian community. We hope that these clients will feel Momiji to be much closer to them psychologically.

We had a Community Congregate New Year’s Lunch on Thursday, January 26 in the Momiji auditorium, where all of our CCD clients were invited so that they are able to feel welcome at Momiji, get to know both Momiji Centre, and also make friends with seniors who attend Momiji CCD at different sites. We are working hard to provide as much transportation service as possible for those clients who wish to attend and need transportation.

As our community congregate dining and health promotion programs program grows, we have an urgent need for more volunteer drivers to accompany seniors who wish to participate. Please contact Kiyoshi Dembo (416-261-6683 ext 244) if anyone knows of people who may be able help with transportation.


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