Traditional Japanese Puppet Theatre at the JCCC 江戸の世界へいざなう、八王子車人形と西川古柳

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Traditional Japanese Puppet Theatre at the JCCC 江戸の世界へいざなう、八王子車人形と西川古柳

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Traditional Japanese Puppet Theatre: Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo
Tuesday, May 8, 7 pm at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, 6 Garamond Ct., Toronto*
*please note that this event does NOT take place at the Japan Foundation, Toronto

Tickets on sale: (416) 441-2345
Admission: JCCC Members and Students, $22.13 + tax; General $26.55 + tax
Click here for the poster

Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo is a form of puppet theatre created by Nishikawa Koryu I nearly 150 years ago, in the late Edo Period. It is called "Kuruma Ningyo" because the puppeteer sits on a small seat with roller wheels (rokuro kuruma) when operating a puppet (ningyo).

This small seat, and the fact that only one person is needed to operate each puppet, distinguishes Kuruma Ningyo from Bunraku, another form of traditional Japanese puppetry in which three people are needed to operate each puppet. The one-to-one relationship between puppeteer and puppet in Kuruma Ningyo allows great flexibility and realism as the puppet and puppeteer move in unison.

Nishikawa Koryu became the 5th iemoto of the Kuruma Ningyo troupe in 1996. For more than fifteen years, Nishikawa Koryu V has been performing regularly throughout Japan and in many other countries as well. In this tour he will be performing parts of 4 different stories with Joruri (narration) chanted by rarely seen female Gidayu (chanter), accompanied by Shamisen in a traditional Japanese puppet theatre.

As well, English and Japanese verbal explanations about Kuruma Ningyo (puppets) and Gidayu (chanter) will be provided as a part of the event and English subtitles will accompany the performances.





江戸時代の終わり頃、現在の埼玉県飯能市に生まれた山岸柳吉(初代西川古柳)が考案し、その後、近郊の神楽師(神事芸能を専業とする人)を中心に分布し,農山村や八王子織物の生産に関わる人の娯楽として親しまれてきました。ろくろ車の発明は,それまでにあった江戸系の三人遣いの人形芝居(文楽)を合理化したもので、少人数の座員で簡易 な舞台での公演を可能にしました。また、人形の足が直接舞台を踏むことが出来るので,力強い演技やリズミカルでテンポの速い演目を行うことも可能です。

西川古柳座の芸能は,初代西川古柳や、江戸の最後の人形遣い吉田冠十郎、文楽の吉田文昇らの指導を受けています。さらに、伝統的な車人形の操法を基礎として、新鮮な工夫を重ね,昭和五十六年には乙女文楽の技法を取り入れた「新車人形」を考案しました。また、技法のみなら ず、首や自由民権関係の衣装を始め,豊富な用具を多数保有しています。さらに古柳座独自の用具なども考案して新作の上演も可能にしています。

日時: 2012年5月8日(火)午後7時開演
場所: 日系文化会館
チケット:一般$26.55・JCCC会員$22.13 (料金には税金が加算されます)


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